Meet the Team

LicencePro can be found all over Europe. Below you'll find our partners and consultants.

Also all the contact information is listed below the name and function of every person of the team.

We are looking forward to your message and react as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance and we are looking forward to be of service to your organization.

Kevin McGuire Country Manager LicencePro United Kingdom

Kevin McGuire

Country Manager United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Mischa Hulsing LicencePro Creative Director

Mischa Hulsing

LicencePro Creative Director


Roel Theunissen Founder LicencePro Europe

Roel Theunissen

LicencePro Founder


Amin Bachir LicencePro

Amin Bachir

LicencePro Franchise Manager


Europe LicencePro
Mark van Meteren Country Manager LicencePro NL

Mark van Meteren

Country Manager The Netherlands

The Netherlands

flag The Netherlands

Jacqueline Bobbink LicencePro NL

Jacqueline Bobbink

Office Manager The Netherlands

The Netherlands

flag The Netherlands
John Zijlmans Microsoft Licensing Professional LicencePro NL

John Zijlmans

Microsoft SAM Consultant

The Netherlands

flag The Netherlands
Olaf van Cronenburg Country Manager LicencePro BE Savings calculator

Olaf van Cronenburg

Country Manager Belgium


Athanas Nastradinov LicencePro

Athanas Nastradinov

Country Manager Bulgaria


LicencePro Bulgaria Team flag

Ana Manzanedo

Counrty Manager Spain


Flag Spain
Roger Carulla Ensink

Roger Carulla Ensink

Sales Manager Spain


England Flag
Ivo Tomanek LicensePro Team

Ivo Tomanek

Country Manager Czech Republic

Czech Republic

CZ Flag
Jarosław Siemiński-Licencepro-Polska

Jaroslaw Sieminski 

Country Manager Poland


sevde Asan LicencePro Sweden

Sevde Asan

Country Manager Sweden


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